Highlighted labels are clickable. Classes are listed in ascending numerical order: undergraduate courses appear before graduate courses.

INFO 3350 Text Mining History and Literature (also INFO 6350)

INFO 4300 Language and Information (also CS 4300)

LING 4424 Computational Linguistics (also CS 4744/COGST 4240)

PSYCH 4428 Connectionist psycholinguistics (also COGST 4280/ COGST 6280/LING 4428/LING 6628)

LING 4429 Grammar Formalisms (also LING 6429)

LING 4485 Topics in Computational Linguistics (also LING 6485)

CS 4740 Introduction to Natural Language Processing (also LING 4474/COGST 4740/CS 5740)

INFO 6150 Advanced Topic Modeling (also CS 6788)

GOVT 6433 Quantitative Text Analysis

CS 6740 Advanced Language Technologies (also INFO 6300)

CS 6741 Structured Prediction for Natural Language Processing

CS 6742 Natural Language Processing and Social Interaction (also INFO 6742)

INFO 7050 section 102 Computational Social Science (offered Fall 2017)

CS 7794 Natural Language Processing Seminar