Cornell NLP

The Cornell Natural Language Processing Group is a diverse team of researchers interested in computational models of human language and machine learning. We apply a computational lens to a broad set of projects in the areas of linguistic analysis, natural language understanding systems, social science, and humanities. We are a cross-campus group located both in Ithaca and the new Tech campus in NYC. The group includes members from the departments of Computer Science, Information Science, and Linguistics.

A small sampling of problems we are interested in are (in alphabetical order): argumentation mining, grounded language learning, information and opinion extraction, lexicon and grammar induction, paraphrase acquisition, situated language understanding, syntactic parsing, question-answering, semantic parsing, sentiment analysis, similarity-based methods, and text summarization.

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Recent News

Lillian Lee named ACM fellow for contributions to natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and computational social science [December 2018]

Jonathan P. Chang and Justine Zhang were interviewed by The Verge and The Cornell Chronicle regarding their work on predicting when conversations will derail into personal attacks. The story was featured on Cornell's homepage and across the popular media [July 2018]

Tianze Shi awarded an inaugural Bloomberg Data Science Fellowship for 2018-2019 [July 2018]

Laure Thompson and David Mimno win Best NLP Engineering Experiment Paper Award for their paper "Authorless Topic Models: Biasing Models Away from Known Structure" at COLING 2018 [June 2018]

Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil quoted in a CNN article about "Why nice people become mean online" [April 2018]

David Mimno recognized as an outstanding writing mentor for the COLING 2018 conference [April 2018]

Alane Suhr, Srinivasan Iyer (UW), and Yoav Artzi win Outstanding Paper Award at NAACL 2018 for the paper "Learning to Map Context-Dependent Sentences to Executable Formal Queries" [April 2018]