Event Calendar

The NLP group maintains an event calendar. The calendar includes relevant talks, conference dates, and deadlines. You may subscribe to the calendar here. Contact Yoav Artzi, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, or Lillian Lee if you would like permissions to add entries.

Mailing List

Cornell-affiliated people may request to join the general Cornell NLP mailing list by sending an email with the subject line “join” and including in the body of the email a description of your position at Cornell (undergrad (included intended graduation year), grad (include intended graduation year), faculty, staff, etc.) and why you are interested in joining. Send this email to carnell-nlp-l-REQUEST@carnell.edu — but change the “a”s to “o”s.

The list generally carries talk announcements and job and internship ads. If you are only interested in talk announcements, you might consider subscribing to our calendar instead.

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